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Workers’ Rights

Political talk suggests it’s not a question of ‘if’ we fix our broken immigration laws, but a question of ‘when.’ Immigration reform for those who toil in our nation’s fields just might be among the changes most near. But as political forces gather, I’m sad to say too little attention is paid to one unpleasant… Read more »

NeighborWorks Week

Join us for BBQ on Friday, June 13th at 12:00 Noon as Rural Neighborhoods launches the new Steven Mainster Youth Enrichment Center during our NeighborWorks Week 2014 celebration at Everglades Village. The brightly colored 3,692 square foot structure designed by local architect Ron Dorris and financed by USDA Rural Development will offer neighborhood children and… Read more »

Making Farmworker Housing Mainstream

Cypress Cove is among the recent developments to benefit from the Tax Credit Assistance Program and the exchange funds that Congress passed as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to bolster LIHTC construction during the economic turndown. Read the article AFH Making Farmworker Housing Mainstream 2012

Case Study: Rural Neighborhoods

National public accounting firm Cohn Reznick Group profiles Rural Neighborhoods in a short video. Tom Neibaur, Director of Operations says, “We can put up the bricks and mortar, that’s the easy part. We could never have mastered the finance and accounting intricacies of our project without Cohn Reznick Group’s help.” Please click on the full… Read more »

Florida Growers Don’t Have to Provide Migrant Housing

Haven site May 5th, for construction of a 3,944-square-foot project consisting of 80 apartment units. The project is different than other projects, because it will also accommodate local low-income families. “We have different types of communities, and this is a family community where only 40 percent are for agricultural workers,” Kirk said. “The other (units)… Read more »

Home Economics

Rural Neighborhoods has built the best apartments available, period, in places like Immokalee, Labelle and Okeechobee, he said. “We’ve changed the perception of farm worker housing. I would be happy to live in any of our developments.” Read the article Gastronomica

The Builder

Former Gourmet editor and James Beard award-winner Barry Estabrook traces the supermarket tomato from Immokalee, FL and presents a who’s who cast of characters in the tomato industry. This New York Times best-seller includes The Builder, a chapter highlighting Rural Neighborhood’s role in improving agricultural housing.