Successful Event Tips

Congratulations on choosing to become a supporter of Rural Neighborhoods! Before getting started, here is a list of beginning steps to get your event preparation started.

Select a Committee and Type of Event

Selecting the type of event you will sponsor is exciting, but we suggest gathering a small, dedicated committee as the first step to ensure event success from start to finish. Keep in mind who are your potential supporters and the event location. Some popular ideas include birthday, walk/run/bike/swim athletic events and garage sales. When organizing a fundraiser to benefit Rural Neighborhoods, please bear in mind our fundraisers cannot be political or sexual in nature.

Set a Date and Fundraising Goal

Setting a date early in your planning is important. This date will determine the timeline for the planning process. Then set a realistic fundraising goal and budget.

Register your Event

Once an event and a date is selected, you are ready to register your Rural Neighborhoods Fundraising Event! Registration ensures that we are aware of your event, enables our team to answer questions and to secure the required legal clearance. Rural Neighborhoods does not have the capacity to plan, schedule, solicit sponsors, provide spokespersons or organize your event.

Make a Plan and Recruit Volunteers

You’ve outlined the big details and registered your event, so now it’s time to start planning! Establish a schedule of what needs to be done. Start with the date of the event and work your way backwards to ensure you give yourself enough time to prepare. Remember pieces like advertising and promotion! Once you delegate jobs to your volunteers, check in on a regular basis to see the progress and find out if they need any additional assistance.

Collect Funds

Be sure that all individuals who might have conversations with potential donors are informed about the cause you are supporting. You’ll want to make sure that the message you convey is precise, effective and brief. Don’t forget to mention that all donations made in the form of a check or money order are tax deductible. On receipt of any funds you have collected, we will send a letter of acknowledgment for all eligible donations which supporters can use for their tax records.

Please note: All donation checks should be made out to Rural Neighborhoods, Incorporated and mailed to:

Rural Neighborhoods

Attn: Community Events

Post Office Box 343529, Florida City, FL 33034

Let us Know How it Went

We are truly honored you selected Rural Neighborhoods as the beneficiary of your event. We hope your event will be a great success! If you have any pictures or video, we would love for you to share them with us at