Take Action

It is only with the support of concerned persons like you that we are able to raise our collective voice and move communities on a path that promises better lives for working families. Your concrete action doesn’t just make small changes. It makes a real difference. Read about our current campaigns and help us lead the charge to stop child labor in the fields, humanize our immigration policies and more.


Rural Neighborhoods is an organizational supporter of HOME MATTERS® and 10,000 FRIENDS OF RURAL AMERICA. Each are promising social media campaigns to build support for revitalizing communities. HOME MATTERS® is a movement to unite the public around homes as the place where lives and families thrive. It reminds the nation that homes are where we are nourished, protected, supported, encouraged to dream and enabled to thrive. 10,000 FRIENDS OF RURAL AMERICA seeks people who are willing to speak up for rural people and places. It believes rural America has a role to play in building an economy in which everyone does better – and that message isn’t being heard. There’s no cost to join! Join and help us use social media to increase our voice.