Cinco de Mayo

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Cinco de Mayo Park

To us parks are not simply pretty green space. Parks help community residents improve their health by providing a place to enjoy fresh air and exercise. Parks also help youth choose rewarding paths to adulthood by providing programs and opportunities to build physical, intellectual, emotional and social strength.

In seeking novel ways to create a new park in southernmost Miami-Dade, Rural Neighborhoods understood in good partnerships one partner’s assets offsets the other’s liabilities. So to gain the benefit of Miami Dade County Parks’ programming talent we unleashed our organizational adaptability and creative funding to offset local government’s inadequate capital and bureaucratic procurement. The result: a turnkey 10 acre, lighted active and passive park leased to our public partner and open for neighborhood enjoyment. That’s teamwork.


  • After-School and Summer Camp
  • Picnic Area
  • Soccer Field

Our Partner: Miami-Dade County Parks

Nationally accredited, a three-time winner of the NRPA National Gold Medal Award, Miami-Dade County Parks is the third largest county park system in the United States. Made up of more than just playgrounds and athletic fields, Cinco de Mayo Park offers children and adolescents ages 6-14 after-school and summer fitness activities, sports, homework assistance, literacy and reading activities, social skills development, community safety, field trips and healthy snacks. Through the generous support provided by The Children’s Trust, nearly one hundred children from the Everglades Village neighborhood take to classrooms and to the park each weekday. Goooooaaaalll!