Rural Neighborhoods in the Media

Former Governor Jeb Bush Continues Holiday Tradition for Migrants

Last week, just before Christmas, Jeb and Columba Bush stopped by the migrant camps in South Miami-Dade to have lunch – and start the annual Farmworker holiday celebration at Everglades Village, for the 10th year in a row. Columba Bush began the tradition a decade ago when her husband was still governor. She wanted to…

Seeds of Change 

The challenges of site acquisition, land use, and competitive financing are no different in communities targeting agricultural workers than in other affordable rental communities, said Kirk. “The added complexity in serving farmworkers is to understand agricultural markets and wages, and to layer sufficient subsidies to reach affordability.” Read the article Seeds of Change

Rising from the Rubble

“It took three years to get back to a sense of normalcy,” Kirk recalled. “In essence, Hurricane Andrew rebirthed Everglades Community Association from a local, inexperienced neighborhood group into an innovative and experienced statewide group focusing on rural communities. On her first visit to the spot last month, an Andrew survivor marveled at the improvements….

Immokalee to Benefit from a New Family Rental Housing Complex

Big Cypress Housing Corp. Inc. plans to develop rental housing units for legal migrant and seasonal farmworkers in Immokalee, west of Carson Road. The nonprofit housing organization will construct 92 multifamily rental housing units on the 20-acre property, named the Reserves at Eden Gardens. Read the article New Family Housing

Donor Aids Victims of Storm

After Hurricane Wilma hit last fall, Marlene Brody repaired her storm-damaged seawall and returned to life as a snowbird, shuttling between her upstate New York horse farm and winter home in North Bay Village. But then Brody heard a radio news report that made her realize recovery had not been as easy for everyone. Read…

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