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Metro Approves Migrant Housing in Leisure City

An effort by Naranja Lakes residents to block construction of farmworker housing near their hurricane-ravaged neighborhood failed Tuesday when Metro commissioners overwhelmingly approved the project. Rejecting worries about more crime and poverty encroaching on the area, the commissioners voted 11-1 to go ahead with a plan for temporary housing for 300 migrant families on 42… Read more »

Farmworkers’ Trailers Roll

One of South Dade’s Farmworker communities is on the move. After months of delays, the Everglades Community Association has begun relocating trailers to a temporary site in Leisure City. Once the move is complete, construction of permanent housing will begin at the ECA site outside Florida City. “The funds have been allocated and thinks are… Read more »

Don’t Ruin a Good Thing

The residents of Naranja Lakes and environs — living in a square mile of South Dade in not much better shape than the day after Hurricane Andrew — often feel like the storm’s forgotten victims. Their self-interests — some legitimate — now threaten careful plans to house temporarily other oft-ignored residents: migrant farmworker families. Read… Read more »

Farmworkers at Meeting But Issue Taken Off Agenda

About 150 farmworkers and their children packed the Metro- Dade County Commission chambers Thursday afternoon to have their say about a controversial proposal to relocate farmworkers while permanent housing is built for them in South Dade. But they didn’t get a chance to speak. Read the article Farmworkers at Meeting

Plan to Put Farmworkers in Trailers Defended

Proponents of a plan to provide permanent housing for South Dade farmworkers are not backing down from a key part that has come under fire in the last week. The housing plan developed by the Everglades Community Association includes the purchase of a trailer park in Leisure City that would provide temporary housing for about 1,500 farmworkers. Read… Read more »

Commissioner Tries to Delay Park Buy

Metro Commissioner Larry Hawkins wants to block the purchase of a South Dade trailer park that is  a key part of a permanent housing plan for farmworkers in South Dade. The housing plan developed  by the Everglades Community Association was unanimously approved three months ago by the  Metro-Dade Commission. It hinges on the county buying… Read more »

Social Worker Helps Change Farm Camp

When Carmen Rivera gets to work every morning, she checks her office for messages and then starts walking. She’s a social worker who goes door-to-door at the Everglades farmworker camp, which houses about 400 families, visiting residents and identifying needs. She rarely has time to sit down in her sparsely furnished office. But when the… Read more »

US Surgeon General Visits Poorest of the Poor

U.S. Surgeon General Antonia Novello visited the ”poorest of the poor” victims of Hurricane Andrew on Saturday at a migrant camp on the edge of the Everglades. Everglades Labor Camp, a dusty, muddy sprawl in the flat grasses that abut the entrance to Everglades National Park, was almost overlooked after the storm. It’s not on… Read more »

After the Storm

For a week, the migrant workers and field hands in the spartan Everglades Labor Camp four miles west of this farming center found themselves at the end of the relief lines, ignored and isolated as they battled hunger, thirst and then the weekend’s rains. Time and again, an ambulance or police car would stop, residents said… Read more »