Rural Neighborhoods in the Media

After the Storm

For a week, the migrant workers and field hands in the spartan Everglades Labor Camp four miles west of this farming center found themselves at the end of the relief lines, ignored and isolated as they battled hunger, thirst and then the weekend’s rains. Time and again, an ambulance or police car would stop, residents said…

Labor Camp Sees Success

When an unlikely group of farmers, migrant workers and businessmen came together 18 months ago to run Everglades Labor Camp, they never dreamed they would meet with the success they have. Dade County turned management of the 420-trailer camp over to the nonprofit Everglades Community Association in December 1982. Read the article Labor Camp Sees…

Migrant Camp Given Lease by County

Everglades Community Association, the nonprofit corporation that rescued Everglades Migrant- Labor Camp from the auction block, finally has a county lease to show for it.The Metro Commission unanimously approved a lease Thursday giving the association full authority to govern the migrant- labor camp at 19400 SW 376th St. Read the article Camp Given Lease by…

The Migrants: Everglades Labor Camp in Turmoil

Just before Thanksgiving 1982, Donato Garcia burst into Trailer 3-6 at Everglades Migrant Labor Camp, joyous with news of “the elections” that would at last bring power to the farmworker. His wife Matilda remained silent — gazing at the unpaid rent bill and the barren refrigerator. “Please, Donato,” she remembers saying. “Don’t get into it….

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