Our Story

Dear Friends:

There’s an adage that says organizations must evolve in order to survive. I disagree. Not that adaptation isn’t important, it is. I’m speaking about the reasons to evolve – it isn’t about us. It’s not about our tenure on a board, as staff or as a volunteer. Unlike a business, our changing path isn’t about gaining an advantage on our competitors. How we do things, where and for whom – those changes in our vision take place so we can make a bigger difference as a committed community of ordinary people. Rural Neighborhoods doesn’t evolve to survive – no, we grow to better impact the lives of those we are called to serve.

Our story is comprised of The 1980’s, The 1990’s and The 2000’s. Take a look. Our beginning is an account of disparate interests coalescing to find common ground as hundreds of workers and their children faced imminent homelessness. In the wake of Hurricane Andrew’s destruction, a community’s need to rebuild called us to action – to change our path. New skills were learned, experiences enhanced. Our recent narrative is one of financial risk and personal sacrifice to follow a growing call to serve new places and new people in need. From our original mission to rescue a single labor camp to our current work revitalizing people and places in small towns throughout Florida — one thing is certain. With your help our story hasn’t ended.

Steven Kirk